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Welcome to Koko, our photo studio featuring an arched frame that makes the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful photos. The graceful arch adds depth and a sophisticated look to each shot, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and highlighting the subject's features with precision and style. This thoughtfully designed setup enhances the aesthetic appeal of the photographs and provides a versatile environment suitable for various themes and lighting techniques. Whether you're taking portraits or fashion photos, Koko's unique architecture ensures every photo has a timeless quality and a professional touch. 


  • Unique Arched Frame: A standout feature that adds charm and depth to your photos.

  • Elegant Arch Design: The arch gives a sophisticated look, perfect for upscale shoots and detailed portraits. 

  • Flexible Photo Setting: Easily adjusts to different themes and lights, making each photo shoot effective. 

  • Enhanced Subject Features: The structure brings out the best in the subject, ensuring stylish and precise shots. 

  • High-Quality Results: Built to help you achieve professional-quality photos, suitable for both business and art.


For Photo Shoots


1 hour session

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 129

1 hour minimum booking.

For video shoots and events, please email:

Holiday setups take place October 1st and January 1st and cannot be removed from the studio room. 

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