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Welcome to Kroma, our versatile photo studio that features a selection of plain backdrop rolls in an array of cool tones. These backdrops provide a perfect, uncluttered setting that emphasizes the clean, modern aesthetic ideal for candid photography. The simplicity of the design ensures that the focus remains on the subject, enhancing the natural dynamics of each shot. Kroma is suited for a diverse range of photo sessions, from polished professional headshots to spontaneous lifestyle captures. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, contemporary look or a relaxed, casual vibe, Kroma’s cool-toned backdrops serve as the ideal canvas to bring your creative vision to life.


  • Variety of Cool-Toned Backdrops: A range of blues, greens, and grays that provide a refreshing and stylish palette. 

  • Plain Backdrop Rolls: Simple, uncluttered backdrops that ensure the focus remains on the subject without distraction. 

  • Clean and Modern Aesthetic: Perfect for achieving a sleek, professional look in your photos.

  • Versatility in Use: Ideal for everything from professional headshots and product photography to casual lifestyle shoots. 

  • Enhances Natural Beauty: The cool tones complement subjects, enhancing their features in natural, candid photography.


For Photo Shoots


1 hour session

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 75

1 hour minimum booking.

For video shoots and events, please email:

Holiday setups take place October 1st and January 1st and cannot be removed from the studio room. 

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