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Rosa is our enchanting photo studio dedicated to celebrating the beauty and versatility of pink. Designed to bring out the feminine side in every shot. Rosa encompasses a spectrum from soft pastel hues to vibrant fuchsia tones, creating a dreamy and romantic ambiance. With pink feature spots adorning the walls and delicate touches throughout, this studio offers a captivating backdrop for elegant and graceful portraits. Whether you're conducting a glamorous fashion shoot or capturing a tender mother-daughter moment, Rosa provides a whimsical setting that accentuates the beauty and femininity of every subject. It’s the perfect choice for photographers and clients looking to infuse their images with a touch of romance.


  • A spectrum of Pink Shades: From gentle pastels to bold fuchsia, each hue adds depth and character to the space. 

  • Dreamy and Romantic Ambiance: The careful curation of colors and decor creates a soft, romantic feel that's ideal for capturing love and beauty. 

  • Pink Feature Spots: Distinctive pink spots on the walls serve as focal points for dynamic and interesting shots. 

  • Versatile Backdrop: Suitable for a variety of photography styles, including fashion shoots, family portraits, and creative projects seeking a feminine touch.


For Photo Shoots


1 hour session

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 90

1 hour minimum booking.

For video shoots and events, please email:

Holiday setups take place October 1st and January 1st and cannot be removed from the studio room. 

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