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Yaya is an elegant photo studio characterized by its ceiling-high burnt orange curtains that envelop the space in warmth and sophistication. The luxurious, earthy tones of the drapery set a rich backdrop, perfectly complemented by tasteful touches of greenery that bring a refreshing vibrancy into the setting. This thoughtfully designed studio provides a refined atmosphere ideal for capturing timeless portraits and sophisticated editorial shots. The seamless blend of warm hues and natural elements ensures that Yaya offers a harmonious and inviting environment, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking to infuse their images with elegance and a hint of nature.


  • Burnt Orange Drapery: Ceiling-high curtains in rich earthy tones create a warm, luxurious atmosphere. 

  • Touches of Greenery: Strategic placements of plants and foliage add a vibrant, refreshing contrast to the warmth of the drapery. 

  • Elegant Backdrop: Ideal for timeless portraits and sophisticated editorial photography.

  • Harmonious Environment: The combination of warm hues and natural elements fosters a balanced and inviting setting. 

  • Refined Aesthetics: Every detail is designed to contribute to a visually appealing and professional-quality backdrop.


For Photo Shoots


1 hour session

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 129

1 hour minimum booking.

For video shoots and events, please email:

Holiday setups take place October 1st and January 1st and cannot be removed from the studio room. 

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