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Oman is our enchanting photo studio featuring a serene world of soft blue hues, heart-shaped cotton clouds, and a whimsical swing. This charming setup blends simplicity with delight, offering a playful and imaginative atmosphere that captures joyful and lighthearted moments perfectly. The soothing blue tones create a tranquil backdrop, while the fluffy clouds and inviting swing add a touch of whimsy, creating a dreamlike setting, like swinging in a bed of clouds. Oman is versatile, ideal for everything from children’s portraits to creative lifestyle shoots, providing a unique and captivating environment that enhances every photo. 


  • Serene Blue Room: Soft blue tones that evoke tranquility and provide a calming atmosphere for photo sessions. 

  • Heart-Shaped Cotton Clouds: Playful and creative decor that adds a dreamlike quality to the studio. 

  • Whimsical Swing: A charming swing that enhances the playful and imaginative setting, perfect for dynamic and engaging shots. 

  • Dreamlike Atmosphere: The combination of elements creates a surreal and inviting environment, ideal for capturing fantasy-inspired photographs. 

  • Versatile Backdrop: Suitable for a wide range of photography sessions, from children’s portraits to creative lifestyle shoots, making it a favorite among photographers seeking a unique setting.


For Photo Shoots


1 hour session

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 90

1 hour minimum booking.

For video shoots and events, please email:

Holiday setups take place October 1st and January 1st and cannot be removed from the studio room. 

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